NS 1000 ponds - chimney sweep certified COSTIC

Sweeping and regulation


Although some insurance companies do not impose a regular sweeping in their subscription terms, merely advise, you will need to put you in accordance with the RSDT (regulation health departmental Type).

This text exposes, in its article 31,that the domestic flues or outside, used for the evacuation of the combustion gases must be kept in good working order and swept periodically , before specifying that these sweeping operations must be performed by a master chimney sweep ... which will present a certificate of chimney sweeping attesting to the vacuity of the pipe along its entire length.
This certificate must be kept by the user to be able to be produced at the request of the competent authorities.

Clearly, your chimney sweeping is not an option but an obligation.

In addition to the legal obligations sweeping has several advantages:

  • It generates energy savings

  • It can reduce the risk of intoxication (over 8500 hospitalizations and 500 deaths per year due to heating problems);

  • by reducing toxic fumes, he participated in the fight against pollution;

  • It improves the protection of goods and people by reducing the risk of chimney fire

For effective maintenance and optimal operation of your heating system, think to enforce a sweeping twice per year

Exemple de tarif

Ramonage par le bas, 1 conduit
 45 €


Ancillary services

* Duct Debistrage
* Cleaning of boiler
* Cleaning of glass insert
* Control seal
* Installation of smoke detectors
* Sale of cleaning products